Speaker of Chechen Parliament denied information that his motorcade was showered stones on border with Dagestan

Speaker of Chechen Parliament denied information that his motorcade was showered stones on border with Dagestan
Magomed Daudov

Chairman of the Parliament of Chechnya Magomed Daudov told why he went to Dagestan on July 7.⁠

According to the Kavkazsky Uzel newspaper, its cortege was showered stones by residents of the bordering Dagestani village of Leninaul, in response, the guard of Daudov opened fire in the air.

In an interview with Life, Daudov confirmed that he was in Dagestan on behalf of Chechnya's leader Ramzan Kadyrov, along with Head of the Chechnya's Head and Government Administration Vakhit Usmaev, Interior Minister Ruslan Alkhanov and other representatives of the Chechen authorities.

According to Daudov, Kadyrov asked Ramadan Abdulatipov, the Head of Dagestan, to assist in settling the situation that arose as a result of a domestic row. The purpose of the trip was to prevent the escalation and the transfer of the conflict to interethnic soil.

However, as the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic stated, no one threw stones into his motorcade. Minister of Transport, Energy and Communications of Dagestan Saygidpash Umakhanov, who, according to the information of Kavkazsky Uzel, arrived on the spot and settled the current conflict situation, Daudov, in his words, did not see at all.

Daudov admitted that there was "a small incident" during his visit, but the stones, he said, flew on the staff of local law enforcement structures, and not on his motorcade. The Kavkazsky Uzel edition, and others were accused of "trying to drive a wedge between the peoples of Chechnya and Dagestan, provoke confrontation and cause tension."

"After communication, we returned safely. We were welcomed and shown out, thanking for the fair position of Ramzan Kadyrov," said Daudov.

Recall that yesterday Kavkazsky Uzel reported an incident at the entrance to the village of Leninaul, Kazbekovsky district of Dagestan. Daudov arrived in the Dagestani village after the siloviki had blocked the entrance to the Republic. This was due to information about the ethnic gathering of the Chechen community of Dagestan being prepared in the village on the border of the two republics. The incident was preceded by a mass fight on domestic soil, which occurred on June 25. In its course, 12 people were injured, including three law enforcement officers.



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