Spartak condemns beating of fans by riot police 

Spartak condemns beating of fans by riot police

The Moscow club commented on the incident after the match in Rostov.

Moscow Spartak published a statement after the incident with the participation of fans of the club and riot police after the match in Rostov.

"FC Spartak-Moscow got acquainted with the currently available data and the testimony of witnesses of the incident with the participation of our fans, which happened in the room under the tribune of the guest sector of Rostov-Arena after the match of the 2nd round with FC Rostov. 

The club is outraged by the actions of stadium employees, stewards and law enforcement officials, resulting in massive use of brute force on the part of riot police in respect of often innocent citizens, among whom there were women," a statement on the website of Spartak says.

The club noted that law enforcement officers were going to detain fans who used pyrotechnics. However, according to representatives of Spartak, the riot police “blocked 2,000 people in a cramped and stuffy sub-premise for more than half an hour after the match ended,” which led to a mass brawl.

“We are firmly convinced that the use of brute force by the riot police could have been avoided and we condemn such actions by the Rostov police. The club calls on the League to substantively investigate the incident and draw the appropriate conclusion,” the press service added.

The conflict between Spartak fans and riot policemen occurred on Saturday evening, after the match of the Moscow team with Rostov. Fans were not let out for a long time from the stuffy under-the-wall room after the end of the meeting, a crush started in the exit queue. As reported by the media, about 40 riot policemen flew into the crowd, who began to beat fans with clubs.

The RFU said that such situations should not be repeated in the stadiums.



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