Soyuz accident inquiry commission allows possibility of sabotage

Soyuz accident inquiry commission allows possibility of sabotage

The cause of the accident should be clarified by October 20 but this is unlikely to happen.

Among the possible causes of the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle accident, the inquiry commission called intentional damage to the mechanism responsible for the first-stage unit separation. Another reason could be a negligent pre-launch test. Perhaps, the standard check simply could not identify the mechanism’s malfunction and requires further work, RIA Novosti reports.

The commission found that the pyro lock did not work, which is why the valve in the gas tank did not open. The latter was supposed to separate the rocket’s side block from the central one. The commission is supposed to achieve the final results in the investigation until October 20, but its members doubt that they have enough time. As of the named date, one should expect only preliminary results. At the time of the investigation, launches of other Soyuz rockets were stopped.

It is to be recalled that the accident occurred on October 11. The launch vehicle Soyuz-FG was supposed to deliver the ISS new crew to orbit but the astronauts had to be evacuated due to technical malfunctions.



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