South Korean ambassador to Russia accused of bribery and fraud

South Korean ambassador to Russia accused of bribery and fraud
Embassy of South Korea in Moscow

He is charged with a crime committed in the capital of South Korea.

Ambassador Yun-keun, ambassador of the Republic of South Korea in Moscow, has been charged with receiving a bribe and fraud. According to investigators, he organized a scam at home in the city of Seoul. The investigation is handled by the prosecutor’s office of the Eastern District of Seoul. This is reported by a number of Korean media.

According to the injured party, the head of the Korean development company, in 2009 he handed over to Woo Yun-keun, who was a deputy of the parliament of the republic, a bribe of $9,000. In return, the entrepreneur was promised that his nephew would be employed in a large company. In 2016, Woo Yun-keun gave the amount of the bribe back, not fulfilling the promises, thus, according to the businessman, having committed fraud.

A former employee of the prosecutor's office, Kim Tae-woo, gives a similar testimony complaining that he was fired from the supervisory authority, because he tried to file a lawsuit against the deputy. After he presented the facts of bribery in his report, he was dismissed from the prosecutor's office.

The Ambassador of South Korea himself denies all charges. According to his version, he really met with a businessman in Seoul, but after a bribe offer, he immediately left. Woo Yun-keun is preparing a counterclaim for libel.

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