Сourt orders TV host Kiselyov to pay $ 40,000 to architect of villa near Koktebel

Сourt orders TV host Kiselyov to pay $ 40,000 to architect of villa near Koktebel
Kiselyov’s villa in Koktebel

The building is a threat to the public, as it may collapse due to defects in the frame.

The Moscow Region’s Korolevsky City Court obliged TV journalist Dmitry Kiselyov to pay 2.6 million rubles ($ 39,000) to architect Vladimir Mazurin for the reconstruction of his villa in Koktebel. The plaintiff demanded to pay him 5.8 million rubles ($ 87,000), and also stated that the TV host refused to correct the defects in the building’s structure, because of which it could collapse, Novaya Gazeta reports.

“The [real estate] item is still a danger to everyone around, but that is not a reason not to pay for services,” Mazurin’s representative Sergey Tsapko said.

According to Tsapko, Mazurin was responsible for technical supervision during the villa’s reconstruction and pointed Kiselyov to the miscalculations of the first developer, which led to the loss of the building’s stability. Kiselyov allegedly refused “to increase the rigidity of metal frames” and attributed the construction errors to Mazurin, paying him only 1.06 million rubles ($ 16,000).

After that, Mazurin contacted the Crimean journalists from the newspaper Gorod24 and told them about the Kiselyov’s villa worth about 200 million rubles ($ 3 million). The TV journalist called the information “leak” a blackmail. Moreover, the entire circulation of the issue with the article about the villa was withdrawn from sale immediately after release, and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper was fired.

“Regarding several claims, the court caught the claimant lying, and reduced the amount of the stated claims four times. The decision has not entered into force and will definitely be appealed,” Kiselyov said.

According to the TV host, he began to build the villa in the early 2000s, for which he pawned his house in Moscow and took out a loan for 10 years.



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