Сourt closed case against Mataev who beat woman

Сourt closed case against Mataev who beat woman
Erast Mataev

The case was closed due to the conciliation of the parties. The bitter-ender victim asked about the criminal case closure.

The Moscow Presnensky court closed the case against the businessman Erast Mataev, who had beaten the woman on the Stary Arbat street, due to the conciliation of the parties, the edition  Business FM wrote. Thus, the court granted the request of the injured Evgeniya Khrapova.

The incident occurred on the Arbat on June 25, 2016. The official’s BMW was moving on a pedestrian area of the Arbat. One of the passers-by, Evgeniya Khrapova, began filming the violation on her phone. Having noticed that, the ex-official got out of the car and attacked the woman: Mataev snatched the cellphone from her hands, smashed it against the wall and then kicked the young woman a few times.

Earlier, the media wrote that the businessman worked for some time in the Moscow Government, but the Social Development Department Deputy Mayor Leonid Pechatnikov said that Mataev has never been an official of the City Hall. Nevertheless, the Mataev’s car was moving along the Arbat with the AMR license plates, which only federal officials and deputies can use.

Erast Mataev was charged under part 2 of Art. 167 (Intentional Destruction or Damage of Property) and then re-qualified at more grave one – part 2 of Art. 167 of the Criminal Code, according to which he could face up to five years in prison. Later he was charged under another article - part 2 of Art. 116 (Battery).

After the incident, the entrepreneur tried to hush up the resonant case in every way, he offered the victim to solve the problem for 10 thousand dollars, then publicly apologized to the woman. Firstly, Khrapova categorically refused to accept money from a businessman claiming her bitter-ender position on this issue. However, on October 14, RIA Novosti reported that the woman asked to terminate criminal proceedings against Mataev due to the fact that "he apologized, compensated the moral and material damage".



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