Сourt cancels arrest imposed on IKEA's 9.3 billion rubles on Russian accounts

Сourt cancels arrest imposed on IKEA's 9.3 billion rubles on Russian accounts

Earlier, the court arrested the accounts of the IKEA Mos company in a lawsuit filed by businessman Konstantin Ponomarev.

The Krasninsky District Court of the Smolensk region quashed the arrest imposed on the account of IKEA's Russian department. As reported by Interfax, the situation resolved with the help of business ombudsman Boris Titov. After a personal meeting with the leadership of the Russian branch of the Swedish company, the arrest of 9.3 billion rubles was lifted.

On December 2, the court arrested IKEA's accounts in Russia in a lawsuit filed by businessman Konstantin Ponomarev. IKEA's leadership addressed Titov with a complaint against the decision. Titov called this action an unprecedented step for a large foreign company that had been working in the Russia market for years. He appealed to the Supreme Court, asking to examine the situation in the framework of generalization of judicial practice.

Konstantin Ponomarev has a claim to IKEA for 120 billion rubles for renting generators for stores in St. Petersburg. In 2006, due to problems with the connection to the power grid, the retailer rented 112 diesel power plants from Autonomous power supply systems JSC, led by Ponomarev, to supply the hypermarkets with electricity. In 2008, at the end of the lease term, IKEA refused to repay debts for the use of diesel engines due to disagreements on the contract concluded. Parties have started the legal battle, but in 2010 signed a pre-trial settlement agreement, and IKEA paid Ponomarev 25 billion rubles of compensation.

In October 2016, the court approved the collection of 500 million rubles from IKEA in favor of the Russian businessman, but the latter was still not happy with the outcome.

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