Сourt banned rally against Kemerovo ex-Governor Aman Tuleev 

Сourt banned rally against Kemerovo ex-Governor Aman Tuleev
Aman Tuleev

The court did not explain the reasons.

The Kemerovo Regional Court (the appellate instance) has forbidden to hold a rally against former Head of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev, two thousand people were going to attend it. At the same time, the court did not explain the reasons, and the declaration of intent would be published only after five days

April 21 the Sovetov Square, where the regional and city administrations are located, was supposed to meet a rally against former Head of Kuzbass Aman Tuleev. People would come with posters: "Tuleev on the dock!" "Down with the Tuleev’s band!" "Tsivilev, put Kuzbass to rights!" "Tsivilev, save Kuzbass!" "Tsivilev, change the region!" Thus, the activists hoped to achieve the resignation of the ex-Governor from the post of speaker of the regional council. Aman Tuleev resigned from the post of regional Head on April 1, and on April 10 he got a deputy mandate. After that, almost unanimously he was elected chairman of the regional council. A few days later, information hit media that the former Head of the Kuzbass is going abroad for "four months" immediately after the inauguration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. That is, in fact, he will not work, but will receive money on the sick list.

Public member Vladimir Gorenkov filed an application for a rally near the city administration of Kemerovo. But the Mayor's office refused to do this, as two protocols on administrative violations were already drawn up for violating the rules during the unauthorized rally in the Novokuznetsk region. The activist appealed this refusal through the court. But the Mayor's office, in turn, appealed and won. Now, Kuzbass residents are thinking: whether to arrange single pickets or an unauthorized rally this Saturday.

In the meantime, Kemerovo political scientist Alexander Konovalov assures that Aman Tuleev will soon leave politics. "On April 17, a telephone conversation, and then my personal meeting with Aman Gumirovich Tuleev took place. Conversation lasted 40 minutes. Someday I will write about this in detail. Now I will inform you: Tuleev does not intend to be nominated as a candidate in any form and will complete his political activity in the fall of 2018," the political scientist wrote on his page in the social network. Recall that before that local media wrote that former Governor of Kuzbass Aman Tuleev would run for the regional Council of People's Deputies head from Tashtagol single-mandate electoral district. And if he is suddenly not nominated by United Russia, then he will run for as a self-promoted.




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