Source on Yekaterinburg correctional camp No. 2 riot organizers

Source on Yekaterinburg correctional camp No. 2 riot organizers

Relatives of prisoners reported 200 victims, whereas there are only 30 of them according to official reports.

The details surrounding the incident with the Yekaterinburg correctional camp No. 2 (IK-2) prisoners, who cut themselves, are being established. September 7, local media reported the incident. According to E-1, 200 people injured themselves after they were beaten by people in uniform and masks. As reported by the ICR, only 30 were injured. 

At the moment, it became known that the incident occurred in the labor premises No. 5. People from Central Asia – mostly Tajiks and Uzbeks – are serving their time here. According to a source, they scratched themselves and did not go to work in the industrial zone. The source said that “there can be only one reason – an order from one of the authoritative members of the diasporas aimed at ‘rocking the situation’ and achieving certain goals.” 

They also pointed out that no dangerous criminals were kept in this building. Everyone who goes to work in the industrial zone “is not a priori considered to be under the supervision of prison operatives.” According to the source, if a thief in law wanted to cause a stir in the colony, then they would have acted differently, focusing on another group of prisoners. 

The IK-2 is notorious for tortures in a pre-trial detention center. A scheme for breaking prisoners, especially those who had money, was organized here. The IK-2 was in the center of high-profile scandals related to the extortion of property and business assets from persons under investigation. A few years ago, FSB officers came across an archive of videos with compromising evidence on the employees of the institution. One of the leaders of the colony was convicted of exceeding official powers and organization of torture of convicts.



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