Source: Accident involving Deputy Prosecutor General Sydoruk classified as secret, accident outline faked 

Source: Accident involving Deputy Prosecutor General Sydoruk classified as secret, accident outline faked
Ivan Sydoruk

According to the CrimeRussia’s source, there are attempts to cover up the case.

The CrimeRussia have learnt the details of the car accident, to which no one would have attached significance if it had not been for one of its participants, and probably the culprit, Deputy Prosecutor General Ivan Sydoruk.

The source reports that traffic police crews and officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office BIA for the North-Caucasian Federal District, headed by Sydoruk, have promptly arrived at the scene. According to the CrimeRussia’s source, the visitors have seized the records of all DVRs, which show Sydoruk’s service car Audi ramming Lada Kalina. In addition, traffic police inspectors have drawn such a scheme of the road accident, which makes the driver of Lada look responsible for the accident.


Let us recall that the incident took place on December 14 at about 13 o'clock in Vinsady village, the suburbs of Pyatigorsk. According to eyewitnesses, while driving around a traffic jam, the driver of Audi was dashing on the wrong side of the road with enabled flasher. Without noticing any obstacles, the foreign car literally rammed Lada Kalina, which was pulling off from the main road within its lane. The blow fell on the Lada’s driver's door, and on the front of the prosecutor's Audi. The sources report that the injured driver Zarov was hospitalized; he is currently in Essentukskaya district hospital. Witnesses claim that Ivan Sydoruk was the passenger of the Audi, and his driver was at the wheel. However, the prosecutor promptly left the accident scene on a different car.


All participants and witnesses of the incident are currently under pressure on the part of law enforcement agencies. Moreover, increasing attempts are being made to cover up the accident. It should be noted that high-profile cases with participation of officers often end up classified as secret. The August 2013 accident was not an exception; four investigators of the Investigations Directorate for the Southern District of Moscow crushed to death on BMW X5 on Vernandsky Prospekt in Moscow. Moving at 200 km/h, the car lost control and overturned. Back then, sources reported that the investigators had been repeatedly charged with drug intoxication driving. That August night, the men were also under the influence of drugs.

As for Ivan Sydoruk’s personality, his name is associated with another scandal. Thus, the prosecutor was delaying for various reasons the approval of the indictment in a criminal case a gang of pedophiles for several years. According to our information, Sydoruk stubbornly refused to lock up the offenders, since they had family ties with the representatives of the judiciary and other authorities, who provided them with protection. Let us recall that we are talking about a heinous crime committed against a 7-year-old boy. From 2009 to 2010, the child was raped by a gang of pedophiles. The case against the villains was initiated back in September 2011, but it was not until summer 2016 after an article by the CrimeRussia was published that Sydoruk, who was in charge of this case, signed the indictment.



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