Sorcerer who was on his way to Moscow to “drive Putin away” detained

Sorcerer who was on his way to Moscow to “drive Putin away” detained
Aleksander Gabyshev

The sorcerer’s companion reported that during the overnight stop, 2 police buses approached their tent. The law enforcers, in his words, took the arranger of the march to Ulan-Ude.

Early in the morning, Thursday, September 19, a sorcerer (a shaman) Aleksander Gabyshev has been detained at the border of Buryatia and the Irkutsk region. He was on his way from Yakutsk to Moscow for the purpose of (in his words) driving Putin away, reports with reference to the sorcerer’s companion.

In his words, the detention took place near a federal highway Gabyshev was walking along to the capital city. “2 police buses approached and took him to Ulan-Ude,” he said, having noted that at that moment, Gabyshev made an overnight stop.

Besides that, he reported that criminal case under item 1 of article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Organising an Extremist Community) is likely to be initiated against the shaman.

The media office of Russia’ MIA in the Republic of Buryatia told RBC that on September 19, near the 202nd km of the federal highway M-53 Baikal, a man born in 1958 was detained by policemen. The man had earlier been put on a wanted list for a crime committed in the territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). “The detainee is going to be taken from Ulan-Ude to Yakutsk on the next flight to carry out investigative activities,” the report states.

Video where one of the participants of the march told the details of the incident has emerged on the web. According to MK, the video was recorded by a writer Viktor Egorov. He says the special services closed the road first. Sevral dozens of cars approached the campgrounds. After that, people who were in the cars surrounded the campgrounds. Then, they set off for Gabyshev’s camp. They threw him to the ground, drew to the car and loaded him. All of them were armed with rifles and police batons. They were all silent,” the author said.

He added that no violence was used towards other participants of the march. Besides that, Egorov noted that the people who carried out the detention refused to say what had caused the incident and did not show their IDs.

Aleksander Gabyshev started his march to Moscow a few months ago. He explained that he was going to “drive Putin away.” He believes Putin is a child of the dark forces. He was going to reach the capital city by 2021. At times, various people join him on his way: some of them - for the time being, and others - on a on-going basis. Initially, the shaman carried a small cart with clothes and provisions, however, later, a few cars joined him. It was decided to carry the stuff in them. Later, they were sent to an impound lot.

In early September, law-enforcement authorities detained 2 companions of Gabyshev. Car was seized from one of them - Igor Konoshanov - as there were signs of changing of plates of the bodyshell and replacement of engine. With that, he disobeyed to a legal request by law enforcers and was arrested for 13 day (article 19.3 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation).

Another companion was detained on September 9 at a rally in the center of Ulan Ude dedicated to disagreement with the outcome of the mayoral elections. He is Pyotr Dondukov. According to Russia’s MIA in Buryatia, he “interfered in the actions of the policemen” and pushed a police officer. Besides that, he did not react to repeated reprimands. Protocol under article 19.3 of the the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation was made against him and sent to court.



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