Сonfrontation takes place upon shootout on Rochdelskaya's case 

Сonfrontation takes place upon shootout on Rochdelskaya's case
Photo: Life

MID ICR employees blocked the street for investigative experiment.

The MID ICR conducts an investigative experiment upon Shakro Molodoy's case on Rochdelskaya Street. At the site of the shooting, which occurred in December 2015, lawyer Eduard Budantsev showed police officers how fired back to improvised of kingpin Zakhar Kalashov. As Life reported, law enforcement officers in civilian clothes tightly surrounded Budantsev because fear that an attempt may occur.

Recall verbal conflict on the debt of owner of the restaurant Elements Joanna Kim to designer Fatima Misikova quickly turned into a fight, and then in the shootout. The hostess of the restaurant was represented by former KGB officer Eduard Budantsev and three attorneys from his Diktatura Zakona company, which is protecting him in the court. Guards of controlled by Shakro Molodoy’s private security firm headed by criminal authority Andrey Kochuykov aka the Italian acted on behalf of designer Misikova. Eduard Budantsev is arrested for the murder of two and more persons. Andrey Kochuykov is initially accused of hooliganism, and then his accusation was changed to extortion.

"A typical demolition" turned into one of the most large-scale scandal, which turned out to be implicated high-ranking security officials and representatives of the criminal elite.

Video: Shootout on Rochdelskaya Street



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