Сonfrontation between Chechen siloviki and Murad Amriev moved from Bryansk to Gomel - Belarusian authorities to extradite sportsman? 

Сonfrontation between Chechen siloviki and Murad Amriev moved from Bryansk to Gomel - Belarusian authorities to extradite sportsman?
Murad Amriev tells his lawyer about torture in Chechnya

The MMA fighter was detained in Belarus tonight.⁠

Employees of the Belarusian border detachment of the city of Dobrush detained Murad Amriev, who was previously released by the Bryansk police, this night. They explained their actions by the fact that the athlete is wanted in the CIS countries.

Head of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture Igor Kalyapin reports, Amriev is planned to be sent to Gomel (Belarus). By this time, lawyers and human rights activists are going to bring official documents to Belarusian law-enforcers on the release of Amriev by the Bryansk police.

Recall, detained in the weekend Chechen MMA fighter Murad Amriev was removed from the train Kiev-Moscow at the crossing of the Russian border. At the request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Grozny, he was put on the wanted list. Amriev was taken to the temporary detention center in Bryansk, where he spent two days, after which he was released. All this time, his lawyer Petr Zaikin tried to prevent the transfer of the athlete to Chechen operatives, who had already arrived in Bryansk for his transfer to Chechnya.


In the person at the right, Amriev recognized one of his tormentors

In order to extend his stay in Bryansk and postpone the transfer to the Chechen security forces, Amriev specifically stated that he had allegedly insulted a police officer after his detention. As Anastasia Garina, a member of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, told us, Amriev's protection was applied to such measures in order to ‘attach’ him to an investigator in Bryansk before the end of the investigation. At the same time, the criminal case under Art. 319 (Insult to a Representative of the Authorities) was not initiated against him. However, from the pre-trial detention center Amriev was taken to the Transport Prosecutor's Office for questioning by the investigator about his appearance with confession.

There also arrived Chechen operatives, they were supported outside the building by armed and equipped riot police soldiers. Referring to the decision, the Chechen operatives tried to detain Amriev. However, they did not provide official documents, because of which Zaikin and human rights activists had a verbal skirmish. Meanwhile, the investigator was not in place and, taking advantage of the turmoil, Amriev, who had already received a decree on his release, left the building, sat in the car and disappeared.

Recall, Amriev's search was initiated in 2013 after he left Russia. The day before, he was released from a police station in Grozny, where for several days he was beaten and tortured with electric current, thus forcing his elder brother, whom chief of the Chechen capital police Magomed Dashaev suspected in the assassination attempt, to return to the Republic from Germany. After the disappearance of Murad himself, he, as he said, was declared a blood feud. By the way, in one of the officers, who came to Bryansk for him, he recognized the man who tortured him.

The formal reason for the search was a mistake in the passport, where the year of his birth was incorrectly specified - 1986 instead of 1985. Amriev himself has nothing to do with this - Chechen officials issued such documents to him.

In Russia, Amriev was traveling to extend his foreign visa.

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