Son of United Russia deputy detained for drunken brawl 

Son of United Russia deputy detained for drunken brawl

The bully insulted police officers while filming that and urinated in the corner of the department.

A video was published on the Web, where Edvin Kuronen, the son of the chairman of the Achinsk District Council of Deputies, insults police officers in the PD. Kuronen was arrested while drunk in the Vobla cafeteria shortly before the Victory Day. At the police station, the 37-year-old bully continued to behave inappropriately, insulted the officers, spat and urinated in the hallway, the news agency Zappad24 reports.

“I did seven terms, I don’t give a ...,” Kuronen says on the video.

Kuronen was detained after cafe visitors complained about him. The court arrested the rowdy for two days under an administrative article on petty hooliganism. Earlier, Kuronen was repeatedly caught drunk driving.

Edvin Kuronen headed the Achinsky kolkhozny rynok LLC (Achinsk Collective Farm Market); in February, the organization was liquidated. In 2010, he ran for deputies of the Achinsk District Council. The bully's father, Sergey Kuronen, heads the District Council of Deputies since 2015, is a member of the United Russia party, and in 2015 was elected from the Patriots of Russia.


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