Son of Russian lawmaker sentenced to 27 years over cybercrime in US faces new charges 

Son of Russian lawmaker sentenced to 27 years over cybercrime in US faces new charges
Roman Seleznev

Roman Seleznev, son of Russian lawmaker Vitaliy Seleznev, was sentenced to 27-years’ imprisonment for cyber-fraud month ago in US, Washington. Now he faces new charges in Georgia, the US Justice Department reports.

Russian citizen Roman Seleznev is incriminated hacking of computer networks and stealing bank data from payment processing company RBS Worldplay, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

The crime, in which the deputy's son is accused, was committed in 2014, the US Justice Department said. The Russian was detained the same year on the Maldives with the participation of US law enforcement agencies. The Russian Foreign Ministry considered detention of the Russian citizen as an "unfriendly act by the US".

Along with him, there are another 13 suspects in the hacking and illegal cashing of funds case. They are: Russian citizens Yevgeny Anikin and Viktor Pleshchuk, Estonian citizens Sergei Tsurikov, Igor Grudiev, Ronald Tsoi, Evelin Tsoi and Mikhail Evgenov, Moldovan citizen Oleg Kovelin, citizens of Ukraine - Vladimir Tailar and Yevgeny Levitsky, Israeli citizen Vladislav Khorokhorin, Nigerian Ezenva Chukukere and US citizen Sonia Martin.

According to investigators, hackers stole over $ 9 million from 2100 ATMs. As for Roman Seleznev, he "earned" $ 2 million as a result of the crime, as reported by the prosecution.


State Duma deputy Valery Seleznev and Roman Seleznev's civil wife Anna Otisko

To remind: Roman Seleznev, 32, was sentenced on April 21 by the US federal court in Seattle to 27-years’ imprisonment. Shortly before the trial, Seleznev signed confession, yet this fact had no influence on the verdict. After the announcement, the convict claimed that the case against him was politically motivated and asked for help of the Russian government, calling himself a "political prisoner". His father, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the Liberal Democratic political party (LDPR) Valery Seleznev does not believe in the guilt of his son. Commenting on the verdict, he called it "prejudged." Seleznev’s wife Anna Otisko had previously denied information about hacking activity of her husband. According to her, Roman Seleznev graduated from the Far Eastern University of Russia in Arts and described his computer skills at the level of a regular user.



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