Son of Putin’s spokesman shows fiancée  

Son of Putin’s spokesman shows fiancée
Nikolai Choles and his girlfriend

The eldest son of the Russian president’s press secretary, Nikolai Choles (Choulz), posted his first picture with his lover.

Nikolai Choles (Choulz), the son of Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Russian President, who took the last name of his stepfather, posted a picture with his fiancée on Instagram. Choles showed the woman on social media for the first time.

“Here is my treasure. Don’t we look alike?” said Nikolai, 29, in the caption under the photograph with a sea on the background.

Choles’s followers praised him for the excellent choice: “A SUPER beautiful couple”; “There’s something in common, you two are beautiful.” The woman’s name is not stated. Earlier, media reported that Choles was in Turkey on vacation with someone named Nelli, who is the stepdaughter of Russian pop singer Masha Rasputina.

As for Choles himself, little is known about him either. In March, the media wrote that he had acquired a stake in a burger restaurant entitled Donerburger in Moscow.

Peskov’s eldest son was born in his first marriage, to the granddaughter of the Soviet commander Semyon Budyonny, Anastasia Budyonnaya. Nikolai took the last name from his English stepfather.


Earlier, Nikolai Choles had been mentioned in the media in connection with Alexey Navalny’s investigation, which stated that the eldest son of the president’s spokesman served a sentence in a UK prison for beating a teenager, and in 2018 returned to Moscow to lead a life typical of a “golden youth”.

Choles was spotted on yachts and doing equestrian sports. The investigation authors studied his social media profiles and found that the young man’s car fleet includes a Range Rover, a Ferrari, a Mercedes CLA and a Harley Davidson motorcycle.



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