Son of Krasnodar MIA ex-chief aged 17 hits road workers driving Land Rover 

Son of Krasnodar MIA ex-chief aged 17 hits road workers driving Land Rover
A drunken teenager without a driver's license was zipping through the town at high speed

The teenager was drunk at the time of the accident. One of the workers died from his injuries at the scene.

The son of Krasnodar MIA ex-chief, 17, knocked down five road workers. One of them died on the spot.

The road accident happened today around 04.30AM at the intersection of Dzerzhinskogo Street and Talalikhina Street. According to eyewitnesses, the Land Rover driver was hiding from traffic police officers that were pursuing him for violating the road rules. Trying to get away, the teenager crashed into a Gazelle standing on the road, which got thrown back hitting five road workers, while the Land Rover also crashed into a VAZ-21120 and caught fire, but the 17-year-old managed to get outside. The accident killed a 40-year old road service worker and injured the rest of the men. Alexander Semenov’s son was also hospitalized with injuries.

The car

The car turned into a pile of metal

As law enforcers have found out, the young man was driving not only without a license, but also while intoxicated. The boy had 0.43 ppm of alcohol in his blood.

The police have opened a criminal case under Art. 264 of the Criminal Code n (Violation of Traffic Rules and Rules for Operation of Transport Vehicles), the verdict is being considered.

Alexander Semenov, the teenager’s father, was heading the Krasnodar MIA Directorate between 2003 and 2011. He retired after 32 years of work in law enforcement.

Video: Fatal accident on Dzerzhinskogo Street



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