Son of kitchen appliances major trader burned down in Maserati 

Son of kitchen appliances major trader burned down in Maserati
Maserati burned in Moscow

Over the past two years, the 26-year-old car owner has been fined for over speeding more than 20 times.

The identity of the burnt the day before sports car owner became known. It was Arthur Moiseev, the son of the Kuppersberg Group company head Andizhan Moiseev.

Recall, on the eve at the Rostovskaya embankment in Moscow Maserati Ghibli burned after a car accident. The car moved at high speed in the far right row and, apparently, the driver did not manage to drive on a slippery road. The sports car was thrown onto the sidewalk, where it crashed into the mast of lighting, then fired. The driver died. And the corpse has been burned so much that experts do not even manage to establish its gender yet. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that Moiseev was behind the wheel. Now, his family expresses condolences on the Arthur Moiseev's page in the social network.

Страница Артура Моисеева в Instagram

Arthur Moiseev's page in Instagram

At the same time, some media reported that in addition to the driver there could be a passenger who allegedly managed to get out of the car after the accident and escape from the scene.

About Arthur Moiseev it is known that he, like many majors, liked to drive on expensive cars. Almost monthly he was fined for exceeding the maximum permissible speed by 40-60 kph, or even 60-80 kph. However, unlike another well-known racer Mara Bagdasaryan, the driver paid fines on time and owed no arrears.

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This accident was another in the ‘treasury' of capital street racers.

On March 15, the son of a billionaire and the grandson of the Khabarovsk Territory ex-Head, 22-year-old Igor Ishaev caused an accident at the Moscow Ring Road, resulting in another two cars, Nissan and Kia Rio, as well as a truck loaded with fruit, which even turned over, collision Fortunately, no one died. According to one of the participants of the accident, it was provoked by Ishaev, whose Mercedes crashed into her car at a speed of 225 kph. Ishaev, in turn, declared that it was the girl on Kia Rio cut him off rearranging. However, now it is rather difficult to establish all the circumstances of a resonant incident - for some reason all the video was lost from CCTV on the route.

Prior to this, on February 19, 26-year-old street racer Vartan Sarkisov shot down a 58-year-old man on the pedestrian crossing moving on the Porsche Cayenne at a speed of 145 kph on Mosfilmovskaya Street. Then, dragging him on the hood, crashed into the parking lot, literally breaking the victim in half. Sarkisov, who was driving while drunk and drugged, tried to hide with the passenger, but was detained. Now, he is under arrest.

In addition to accidents, rich kids regularly violate the road rules. In the scandalous Instagram public page majorka_63 a video was posted that shows how an unknown representative of the golden youth is racing along the Moscow Ring Road at the wheel of the Mercedes AMG sports car at a speed of 320 kph, which exceeds the speed limit by almost three times.

With regard to the most famous racer, Mara Bagdasaryan, the court sentenced her to one year of correctional labor with a 15% pay in favor of the state. Bagdasaryan, in turn, presented a medical certificate on the impossibility of working, which turned out to be a fake one. Now, her lawyers are going to appeal the court verdict. The consideration of the appeal is scheduled for April 25.

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