Son of Kaliningrad deputy-brawler plucked out man's only eye

Son of Kaliningrad deputy-brawler plucked out man's only eye
MP Evgeny Verholaz Photo: Vitaly Nevar / Novy Kaliningrad.Ru

Earlier, MP Evgeny Verholaz beat up a girl in a nightclub.

The son of the Deputy of the Kaliningrad City Council Dmitry Verholaz plucked out the man’s eye in one of the city's nightlife venues.

The incident took place in late October, but the media has known about it only now. Life reported that Dmitry Verholaz quarreled with another visitor. The verbal altercation escalated into a fight. Verholaz kicked a 41-year-old man in the face. After the incident, the son of the parliamentarian immediately disappeared.

The victim was taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed the loss of the outer shell of the left eye. It was the only eye. The second one he lost a few years ago in an accident.

Upon the incident the police opened a criminal case under Article 111 of the Criminal Code (Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury). Dmitry Verholaz is declared wanted. It is reported that security forces have already established the whereabouts of the suspect and plan the detention.

Earlier, the Dmitry’s father, deputy of the United Russia (Edinaya Rossiya) in the City Council Evgeny Verholaz took part in a similar incident. In mid-October of this year, a politician beat 23-year-old girl in the nightclub of the city. Verholaz is accused under Art. 116 of the Criminal Code (Battery). In the club Planeta on Chernyakhovskogo Street between the girl and 43-year-old politician there was a conflict, the details of which are still unknown to the media. The investigation reports that the man attacked the victim from molester motives and hit her on the head at least twice. According Klops.Ru, the young woman received a head injury and spinal cord injury. In comments to the edition New Kaliningrad.Ru, Verholaz declared his innocence, but he did not deny that he was in the club that night.

In late November, Verholaz voluntarily wrote a statement on the suspension of membership in the United Russia. Head of the City Council Andrey Kropotkin commenting on the scandal with the Deputy noted that the suspension of party membership is temporary.

"No one deprived him this right, he just stopped it (membership in the United Russia) himself – may be, for the duration of the investigation, - Kropotkin said. - Then, after a decision, he has the right to apply for and recover the membership."



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