Son of judge and gang of youngsters slaughtered and burnt Taganrog retiree 

Son of judge and gang of youngsters slaughtered and burnt Taganrog retiree
Teen suspected of murder (on the left)

It took Rostov law enforcement authorities more than year to arrest a gang of youthful thugs who had committed a monstrous crime on May 9, 2015 – cruelly murdered and burnt a 77-year-old retiree. The body of Alik Silantievich Karachev was found only on May 18, 2015 – while the suspects have been detained just recently. The Investigations Directorate for the Rostov Region of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has reported that the key suspect – a 16-year-old minor who was 14 at the time of the crime – is in detention. At the same time, a CrimeRussia source close to the investigation noted that the father of the minor criminal who had killed and burnt an old man is a former judge of the Vorkuta City Court, while his mother is a former prosecution officer. According to the source, currently they are attempting to put pressure on the investigation using their past connections to get their son off the hook.

The minors, who had slaughtered and then burnt on the Victory Day a pensioner, survivor of World War II, have been caught in Taganrog on August 17, 2016. We provide our version of the events. Too bad, but it cannot be ruled out that the murderers manage to escape liability because of right connections of their parents.

Алик Карачев

According to operative sources, on May 9, 2015 a group of intoxicated minors bumped into a 77-year-old retiree walking down the street. One guy purposively pushed an elderly person with his shoulder and got a reproof. The teenagers flared up and started beating the old man. Ultimately, he was stubbed several times with a knife and died from the injuries.

The minors left the body and continued frolicking. Then they decided to conceal vestiges of the crime and returned to spill petrol on the corpse and burn it. Only several days later, on May 18, 2015, the disfigured body was found. The victim was Alik Silantievich Karachev, who had wife, two children, and grandchildren. He just went out for a stroll to a nearby forest and never returned back. It is necessary to note that the previous police command had concealed such an egregious case and the suspects could not be found for a very long time. There were many reasons behind this, but the main one were the parents of the primary suspect. His father, Dmitry Vladimirovich Timoshenko, was a former judge of the Vorkuta City Court, while his mother was a former prosecution officer. The investigation has made some progress in this case only in January 2016, after replacement of the command of Rostov Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (MIA) and the head of the investigation department.

According to the regional Investigations Directorate, on August 17, 2016 the murderer was arrested. Other participants of the massacre are considered witnesses yet. Media sources state that only the oldest teen was actually stabbing the victim with a knife; the murder is currently being incriminated to him. At the time of arrest he was 16; he had committed the crime at the age of 14. Other participants are minors and therefore have only been taken under police control. Parents of the detained youngster used to hold senior posts in the past. According to his schoolmates, Timoshenko junior was a very cruel boy. He used to torture animals in front of his peers, saying, that, “if necessary, father would get him off the hook”. And indeed, he was never punished for his deeds.

Currently the investigation is ongoing. According to informed sources, Dmitry Timoshenko, the former judge of the Vorkuta City Court, is using all his leverages and connections to relieve his son from liability. It is necessary to note that, due to some unclear reasons, Dmitry Timoshenko, being a relatively young judge, had voluntarily resigned from the Vorkuta City Judge position in the Komi Republic and quickly relocated to Taganrog, which is pretty far from his previous place of living.

Экс-судья Дмитрий Тимошенко

Ex-judge Dmitry Timoshenko 

According to sources familiar with the case against the young murderer, people do not resign from such high posts without strong reasons – but there are no serious offences in the file of Dmitry Timoshenko or compromising materials against him. So, what pushed him to move from a lofty perch together with the family? Was it because of his son’s behavior? To answer this question, additional inquiries have to be made.



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