Son of ex-chief of Kalininsky MIA Directorate of Tyumen arranged traffic conflict, threatening with pistol

Son of ex-chief of Kalininsky MIA Directorate of Tyumen arranged traffic conflict, threatening with pistol

Nikita Kyshko, a resident of Tyumen, told the about the road conflict, initiated by the son of a high-ranking Tyumen security official.

The incident occurred in Tyumen near the grill bar Ermolaev on the Gazovikov street, 65. In the parking lot at the grill bar, a silver Volga with turned in engine blocked the place. The driver was sitting on the hood of the car, standing nearby. According to the victim, he was the son of the former head of the MIA for the Kalininsky district of Tyumen Timur Muratov.

Kyshko politely asked the driver to drive off, to which he began to behave inadequately: to swear and threaten.

Then with the words "I will kill you!" the driver took out a pistol, racked the slide, walked to Kyshko’s car door and, through the closed glass, aimed a pistol at him, shouted something, pounded the window with a barrel.

“There were women and children in the car, they were very frightened and started screaming,” said the victim, who, under stress, quickly passed back and crashed into a Mitsubishi Lancer taxi car, in which Muratov’s wife was, who also became aggressive.

After that, Muratov walked around the back of the car and continued to threaten the man again. When he reached for the gun again, Kyshko attacked him, took the gun, defused it and called the police.

Later it turned out that the assailant had a traumatic pistol with rubber bullets in his hands. The police, according to Kyshko, filed a criminal case on the fact of the threat of murder, but against an unidentified person. In addition, the protocol on the initiation of the case specified, “an object that looks like a pistol,” while the police seized from the bully a traumatic pistol with rubber bullets. According to Kyshko, he does not exclude that Muratov intends to write a counter-statement on him.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Tyumen region told that the incident involved a former police officer. Traumatic gun was registered on him officially. After the incident, he was hospitalized. On this fact, an inspection is currently being carried out, and a procedural decision will be made on its results.



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