Son of Cheboksary city manager detained for attacking policeman 

Son of Cheboksary city manager detained for attacking policeman
Cheboksary City Manager Aleksey Ladykov

Oleg Ladykov and two of his friends have caused a mass brawl, fled the scene in a limo, and attacked the police officers who tried to stop them.

In Cheboksary, the son of City Manager Aleksey Ladykov, 19-year-old Oleg Ladykov, has been detained for attacking a police officer, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. According to preliminary data, Ladykov Jr. is charged with Use of Violence Against a Representative of the Power (Art. 318 of the Russian Criminal Code). The ICR Investigations Directorate in Chuvashia is in charge of the case. 

The publication's sources say Oleg Ladykov and two of his friends caused a mass brawl and fled the scene in a limo; after that, they attacked the police officers who tried to stop them. Ladykov punched one of the police officers to his head.  The city manager’s son was detained and sent to a temporary containment cell for three days.

According to Pravda PFO’s source, the victims are two policemen born in 1995 and 1996. They arrived at a private house on Volzhskaya Street after receiving an offense notification late on Saturday night, February 9. Ladykov and two of his friends, who were at the site, resisted the police officers. As a result, the law enforcers were diagnosed with injuries “in the form of contusion of the soft tissues of the head.” 

According to the versions quoted by Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ladikov tried to deal with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Another source said that the parents of the opponent of the city manager’s son are also well-known in the city, and the conflict was caused by a dispute in a nightclub. 

Previously, Oleg Ladykov had already found himself at the center of several scandals. In December 2014, 14-year-old Ladykov was detained in an Audicar, in which the teenager and his friends gave chase with Road Patrol Service units and rammed one of them. Back then, one of Ladykov's friends was found responsible for the incident.   





In May 2016, as a grade 11 student, Ladykov caused a car accident, in which the other drived was injured. The teenager refused to undergo medical examination. At the same time, he did not have a driver’s license. His father personally attended the commission on juvenile affairs and paid a fine of 500 rubles ($7).



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