Someone try to rob former RF frontier guard’s mansion

Someone try to rob former RF frontier guard’s mansion

The robbers did not manage to steal anything, as the alarm went off.

Someone tried to rob a house of a former frontier guard of the Russian Federation - Army General Andrey Nikolaev. Unknown broke into a window of his mansion located in a high-end settlement of Krekshino (New Moscow). The incident took place at around 3:30 during the May holidays, reports Moskovsky komsomolets with no indication of the precise date. However, the robbers did not manage to steal anything of value, as the alarm went off. Group of the security agency arrived at the scene, but no one was detained. In the morning, Nikolaev’s son - 39-year-old Dmitry who is a Secretary at the Department of European Cooperation of the Ministry of External Affairs - found out that there was no plastic window. Police employees who arrived at the scene determined that unknown parties broke into the house through a fence near the forest.

“The uninvited guests broke into the two-storey house with an area of 350 squares located near a checkpoint. This house was fit by Nikolaev for his family (he has 2 children). He put up pictures around the house a carpet with his own portrait. Besides that, a boundary post is painted on the wall. The house of the former frontier guard is being described by MK. Nothing was stolen, but the robbers were not found, as well.

General Andrey Nikolaev worked as a director of the Border Guard Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation from 1993 till 1997.

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