Sochi: young people put up mass brawl on roadway 

Sochi: young people put up mass brawl on roadway
Photo: Shot from the video

The police are looking for participants in the brawl, which was caught on video.

A group of young people put up a mass brawl on the roadway near the More Mall shopping center in Sochi. Judging by the video of the incident, the participants of the fight could be drunk. The police began looking for them, ChP Sochi reports. 

“Officers of the MIA Directorate in Sochi are conducting a probe upon the conflict between citizens,” the press service of the MIA Directorate for the Krasnodar Region told Kubanskiye Novosti

The fight began with a verbal argument, then fists and a gas spray went into action. Eyewitnesses caught the fight on camera. According to them, the ambulance was called to the incident scene.



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