Sochi police officers beat journalist of Rosderzhava

Sochi police officers beat journalist of Rosderzhava

The MIA officers searched the detainee without witnesses, threatened to strangle and abuse his mother.

In Sochi, two policemen detained a journalist of the Rosderzhava publication, Stanislav Andreev, after which threatened and beat him up. The incident was caught on the video recorded by the journalist’s phone. The publication published an open appeal to the head of the ICR and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, in which they complained of the repeated cases of beating and unlawful detention of journalists.

“Did you bastard believe in yourself?” I'll choke you. I’’ f*** your mother,” can be heard on the video of the conflict between the Sochi policemen and the journalist.

According to the young law enforcement officers, the detainee called them trash-cops. Andreev himself claims that he made a remark to the police, as they were had no headgear during service.

On the video it is seen how the policemen first arm Andreev, who constantly asks to let him go on his own. The officers explain to their colleagues that they have detained a drugs courier, who allegedly confessed. The journalist filmed everything on his phone and started a live stream. The fight also, during which the phone was taken away from the detainee, but for some reason the camera was not turned off, also got on the video.

The officers’ conversations after the detention also got on the video. One of them found the journalist's certificate and showed it the senior officer. The latter advised not to touch Andreev. Another advised to strip the journalist in order to check if there was any other recording equipment on him.

Andreev filed an application with the ICR’s Investigations Directorate which initiated a criminal case on exceeding official powers. The lawyer of one of the police officers, as well as his spouse offered reconciliation, but the journalist refused.

“The police seem to have provoked a complication of my chronic lung disease. The video does not show all that happened. An examination that will prove the authenticity of the full video is underway, after which I will publish it,” Andreev said to Svobodniye Media.

According to Rosderzhava, Andreev was beaten at the police station and searched without witnesses on April 4. In March, the publication reported on the beating and robbery of Moscow journalists Andrey Orel, Alexander Dorogov and Pavel Tsybuliak by employees of private organizations.




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