"Smile for the camera." Car wash owner takes video of traffic cops offering ‘support’  

"Smile for the camera." Car wash owner takes video of traffic cops offering ‘support’
Traffic police officer trying to subdue the car wash owner Photo: A still from the video

The policemen refused to pay 200 rubles for the washing of their car, which led to a fight.

Details of the incident at the Ulan-Ude car wash surfaced. Earlier it was reported that two traffic police inspectors beat a car wash owner, Alexander Tankevich.

The CrimeRussia said earlier that the police had their car washed but refused to pay 200 rubles for the service. Instead, they offered illegal protection to the owner and beat him up upon hearing refusal.

Alexander Tankevich told the details to Komsomolskaya Pravda saying that first he had simply said, “time to pay, dudes,” to which he got an offer to get in the car with them.

Inside, the officers offered him protection, meaning that he could reach the inspectors if he got into trouble such as issues with traffic police. The entrepreneur said no. Having taken out his phone, he told the meager operatives that he had it on the video, promised to send the record to the right people and left. 

The inspectors got scared of getting into the limelight and chased the businessman. The security camera at the car wash captured further developments. Trying to subdue the man and snatch his smartphone, one of the operatives slipped and fell. Taking advantage of the moment, Tankevich managed to give the phone to one of the washers and run to the waiting room. Even though there was a client there, the policemen kept trying to subdue the entrepreneur.


Alexander Tankevich

 “When in the reception room, I say to the traffic cop, “over there, smile for the camera that’s recording it all”. Only after that, he calmed down, quickly ran out of the box. They left without paying,” said the entrepreneur noting that after the incident, he documented the battery traces and pressed charges.

The evidence of the guilt of the police officers has been collected, they are formally charged under the article pertaining to abuse of authority committed with the use of violence. The prosecution is poised to ask for their imprisonment.

Video: Traffic cops attack car wash owner



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