Slutsky threatened organizer of his wife's birthday in Barvikha with bankruptcy

Slutsky threatened organizer of his wife's birthday in Barvikha with bankruptcy
Leonid Slutsky

Slutsky’s wife wanted to celebrate her birthday in the Mayendorf Castle. While the deputy tried to organize the celebration with a maximum discount.

An ex-employee of Potel et Chabot, which deals with catering, told the radio station Govorit Moskva about his conversation with the deputy at Okhotny Ryad. Slutsky claimed a discount, and 10% was not good enough for him.

“Don’t you know who I am? I can refer some overlords to you! Gazprom! Transneft! How about paying at the cost price?” the publication’s source cited Slutsky.

As a result, according to the ex-employee, Potel et Chabot catering provided only a 10-percent discount to the deputy. Slutsky agreed to these terms and even paid in advance. However, the celebration organizers began to receive threats in the negotiation process. Slutsky wanted the waiters to dress in 19th century-styled uniforms, but refused to pay extra for it.

“In response to the need for additional payment, he insulted me and promised to bankrupt the company. We had a long fight with him. He’s but a savage. When I sent him an estimate, he said ‘Where does a deputy like me get this kind of money? Give me a discount or I will pay at a cost price!’ I returned him the advance payment minus the money spent on the purchase of products,” the former employee said.

Previously, Slutsky had already found himself at the center of a scandal. The head of the international Duma committee was accused of harassing the producer of Dozhd television company Darya Zhuk and BBC Russian Service correspondent Farida Rustamova. Deputy Editor-in-Chief of RTVI Ekaterina Kotrikadze publicly opposed the deputy. Commenting on the allegations, Slutsky said he had been slandered.

As for the deputy’s wife, according to the Anti-Corruption Foundation, she owns a three-story penthouse in the elite residential complex Kutuzovskaya Riviera in Moscow. The apartment is estimated at about 400 million rubles ($6.38 million). At the same time, the declared annual income of Slutsky’s wife in 2017 was 223 thousand rubles ($3,559), and that of the deputy himself was about 5 million rubles ($79,800).



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