‘Slaveowner’ entrepreneur Vladimir Teplov murdered for concealing another homicide

‘Slaveowner’ entrepreneur Vladimir Teplov murdered for concealing another homicide
Vladimir Teplov

This conclusion was made by investigators.

The murder of Vladimir Teplov from Beloyarsky district of Yugra was committed to conceal another crime - yet another homicide. This conclusion was made by investigators, writes Ura.ru with reference to the press service of the Investigation Directorate of the ICR for KhMAO.

As established by law enforcement officers, Teplov was killed by his worker, who had earlier eliminated his colleague.

“There was a conflict between the two workers, during which the defendant stabbed his colleague to death, and then dismembered his body. Soon, the entrepreneur noticed that one of the workers had disappeared, while the accused told him that he had quit his job and had gone home. Another worker that witnessed the murder told the owner of the industrial base the truth,” the department’s statement reads.

In turn, the accused himself claims that Teplov had blackmailed him and demanded the removal of all the witnesses to the first murder.

“According to one version, the first  murder was committed due to the lack of supplies at Teplov’s base. The amount of food was limited, because of this there was the first conflict between the workers,” a source in the security agencies of the region told the portal.

Vladimir Teplov has repeatedly been mentioned in the local media - he was accused of terrible working conditions for the staff and was called the local slave owner. The body of the entrepreneur was discovered on February 24 in the village of Vanzevat.




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