Slaughterhouse in Moscow Regional Court: at least 10 convoys were to escort GTA gang members 

Slaughterhouse in Moscow Regional Court: at least 10 convoys were to escort GTA gang members
Earlier, five guards were assigned to each accused in the case of the GTA gang. Abdumukim Mamadchonov, shot on the eve of a shootout Photo: Ilya Pitalev / TASS

Contrary to the official instructions the five defendants were accompanied by only two guards.⁠

Five members of the GTA gang, who organized a massacre in the Moscow Regional Court, were to be escorted by at least 10 guards. This follows from the departmental instruction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for official use, RBC writes.

The instructions say that at least two guards must accompany one defendant. With a reinforced convoy three policemen should escort one defendant. In addition, the regulations do not provide for the transport of defendants on an elevator. Each of the accused had to be brought into the courtroom or convoy one by one.

However, on the eve of August 1, gross violations were committed while escorting. So, from the courtroom where the next hearings on the GTA gang's case were taking place, two convoys Mikhail Fartushnyak and Elizaveta Lukyanova moved five of the nine defendants at once. They decided to lower all the accused from the fourth floor of the building with the elevator. There, the gang members attacked Fartushnyak and Lukyanov. Participants of the criminal group began to strangle the guards and managed to seize the service weapon. The attackers also managed to get rid of handcuffs. According to the court's employees testimony, the elevator with the defendants and the convoy stood between the floors for about ten minutes. One of the escorts managed to press the alarm button to call for reinforcements. When the elevator arrived on the third floor the special forces were already waiting for accused, there was a gunfight. As a result of the massacre, three members of the gang were killed: Abdumukim Mamadchonov, Mirzomavlon Mirzosharipov and Holik Subkhanov. Two more - Fazlitdin Khasanov and Zafarjon - were wounded. One of the employees of Rosgvardia Mikhail Ananichev was wounded by bandits in the shoulder. The policemen were hospitalized.

Video: The gunfight in the Moscow Regional Court

As employee of the escort duty Elizaveta Lukyanova told investigators, the organizer of the attack was Holik Subkhanov, the brother of the leader of GTA gang Ibaydullo Subkhanov, who was liquidated during the arrest in 2014.

The Investigative Committee intends to "give a legal assessment" to the actions of the law enforcement agencies that organized the escort. The escort of criminals to the court will also be checked in compliance with the law by the Prosecutor's Office and the Moscow Region Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Recall, the so-called GTA gang is accused of the murders of 17 people committed in 2012-2014 on the territory of Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions. Participants of the group attacked drivers on the highways. The criminals stopped the cars, laying spikes on the road. Then they killed those in cars. Initially it was reported that no money and valuables were stolen from cars, but the investigation alleges that the crimes were committed for mercenary motives. At the same time, Rosbalt sources indicate that the operatives had data that a number of members of the GTA gang were members of terrorist groups and the crimes they committed had ideological grounds. "But then all this ideological part of the case was removed," the agency writes.



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