Skripal was one of the most hated persons in GRU

Skripal was one of the most hated persons in GRU
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The ex-spy set up many people, sources say.

Rosbalt became aware of the details of the activities of ex-spy and former GRU officer Sergei Skripal. As the publication writes, Skripal was one of the "hated persons in the GRU system", as he screwed over many people in the course of his work. Russia believes that one of the people framed by Skripal could take vengeance on him by the poisoning.

During his stint in the GRU, Skripal handed over to foreigners lists of intelligence unit personnel, as well as passed all the information he received from his former colleagues.

The GRU deems that if Skripal had posed a threat, he would have been removed long ago. However, according to the department, this need has not arisen to this day. As one of the former employees of the Russian intelligence service said on condition of anonymity, currently the agency is battling existing threats, rather than recalls the cases that took place 15 years ago.

The source said that while working in Russia, Skripal often betrayed his comrades. According to his former colleague, he did everything trivially and simply: first he sold lists of employees of the central office of the GRU to British intelligence, with which he maintained relations after a business trip to Spain; afterwards, he sold the copied lists of all servicemen of the GRU; then he sold all the information he had access to.

The British began to blackmail him because of the money paid to him. British intelligence started to demand more and more information from Skripal. Later, cooperation with Great Britain morphed into full-fledged work with specific tasks. The love of gossip, the ability to drink with colleagues and to keep up the conversation facilitated Skripal’s communication. If a person with whom he was drinking was not in the know of what was necessary to Skripal, he asked to be introduced to those who were aware. As a result, he both leaked the information received, and ratted out people who could sometimes not be involved in the GRU, but be related to classified projects. The situation did not change with time: holidays, gatherings, drinks with colleagues - all this was beneficial for Skripal. People eagerly met him halfway and even provided copies of documents.

Eventually, many people, thanks to Skripal, lost their jobs and careers. Some of the victims started their own business, some left for the UK.

In Russia, it is believed that someone from Skripal’s former environment, who once suffered from his activities, could revenge him. Now the Russian special services claim that the threat from Skripal disappeared 15 years ago, so he did not represent an interest for official departments.

To recap, former spy and ex-employee of the GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found sitting on a bench in Salisbury on March 4. The police officers that arrived at the scene suggested that the people were poisoned. Later, some media wrote that Skripal and his companion were exposed to fentanyl –a synthetic opiate used in medicine for anesthesia.

The Russian side demanded access to the investigation materials, since Yulia Skripal is a Russian citizen. London refused Moscow.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, speaking in the British Parliament on March 14, called Moscow's actions "an act of state military aggression against Britain." The country's parliament considered the consequences of the UK Prime Minister’s statement, Moscow was given time until the end of Tuesday, March 20, to provide its version of the events concerning the attempt on Skripal.

Earlier it became known that the poison for Skipal was brought by his daughter Yulia from Russia. So far it is unknown who could pour the poisonous substance into the cosmetics or clothes of the girl.



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