Skripal suspect spotted in wedding pictures of GRU secret unit commander’s daughter  

Skripal suspect spotted in wedding pictures of GRU secret unit commander’s daughter

The other alleged poisoner is also on the guest list, but he is not in the wedding photos.

Anatoly Chepiga (Ruslan Boshirov) got on the photos from the wedding of the daughter of Major General Andrei Averyanov, the commander of military unit No. 29155, which allegedly trains GRU personnel for the Europe destabilizing campaign. He is on the seating plan as "Alexey Chepiga." The wedding took place six months before the Skripals poisoning, Radio Svododa said.


Averyanov and his daughter

The publication cooperated with the international group Bellingcat to conduct an investigation and found information about the wedding of Averyanov’s daughter, which was held on Lake Senezh, a 15-minute drive from the Senezh base of the Russian Special Forces. Chepiga's partner in the Salisbury trip, Alexander Petrov, is also on the guest list but he has not been found in the photographs. Chepiga's wife and two children were at the wedding, too.


Anatoly Chepiga among the wedding guests

Averyanov’s phone number was found on the GetContact application, which showed that he is in other people’s phones under “Senezh”, “Andrey Averyanov” and “Uncle Andrei Crimea”. That points at a connection with the Senezh base and the “green men” of the Crimea. Averyanov was appointed commander of the military unit No. 29155 in 2013. The New York Times referred to the military unit as the center for planning and organizing GRU operations abroad last week and said it had been involved in the Skripals’ poisoning.

According to the investigation, Averyanov was awarded the title Hero of Russia (as was Chepiga), although the general is not on the official list of those awarded.

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