Skripal Files: Skripal refuses to move to the US

Skripal Files: Skripal refuses to move to the US
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British journalist Mark Urban's book states.

On Thursday, a book called Skripal Files, written by BBC television and radio journalist Mark Ruban, hit the shelves of UK bookstores; it is based on conversations with GRU ex-Сolonel Sergei Skripal.

The author of the book scribes the life of the runaway spy after poisoning and his near future. It became known that Sergei Skripal will not return to Salisbury, where the nerve agent attack took place, “his house will be occupied by British taxpayers”. Now the question of his dwelling is at stake. In the meantime, he and his daughter remain under the protection of law enforcement.

“But if they are placed in a safe haven and under police protection for several months, even for a year, this cannot last forever,” RIA Novosti quotes the book.

The author also claims that Skripal had already received a proposal to move to the United States, but he refused. The idea of moving to the United States under the new documents was not approved by his daughter.

“But none of them liked this idea,” the author writes.

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