Six “model families” given certificates for housing before Putin's arrival in Tulun

Six “model families” given certificates for housing before Putin's arrival in Tulun

The President met with residents affected by the flood in the Irkutsk Region.

On the day of the visit of the President Vladimir Putin to Tulun, where residents suffered from the flood, local officials promptly handed certificates to six families to purchase housing and sent them to meet with the head of the country. The president’s arrival was kept secret even from ordinary officials, a local resident Yelena told MK.

“My friends work in the city administration – until the last moment, the president’s visit was kept secret. Of course, senior management knew about Putin’s arrival, but the ordinary employees were not informed of anything,” Yelena says. 

According to her, on the day of Putin’s arrival, July 19, the administration limited the time for reception of citizens, and after lunch, all employees were sent home. The route of the presidential escort was thoroughly cleaned up, new soil was layered, the ground was leveled and even new trees were planted. The rest of the streets are still littered with garbage, the local resident says.

Local journalists tried to find out in the administration, where and when Putin’s press conference would take place, but the officials allegedly shrugged their shoulders: “For the first time we hear about Putin’s arrival.” Roads from Irkutsk and Bratsk were blocked by the seconded staff of Traffic Police. “Ours [TP officers] drive old Zhigulis. And here, some serious cars were parked,” Yelena says.

In a solemn ceremony on July 19, the deputy governor of the Irkutsk Region, Ruslan Bolotov, and the Mayor of Tulun, Yuri Karikh, presented six families certificates for the purchase of new housing instead of those destroyed by flooding. Reports on the event were promptly distributed on the Internet. The news caused outrage among other victims, some of whom still have not received compensation of 10.000 rubles ($ 160). 

According to Yelena, Putin was taken to a meeting with the families who received the certificates. The rest will get “the certificates will be issued at best in August – September or at the end of the year.”

“We will begin accepting applications in the department of social protection of the population from Monday. But first, those citizens whose houses were washed off will be served,” the administration assured.

At the meeting with Putin, local residents complained about the mess with the transfer of monetary compensation, as well as the lack of facilities for humanitarian aid. The flood destroyed 3.5 thousand homes, affected 107 settlements, 25 people died, 38 thousand suffered, seven are missing.



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