Six detectives on trial after suicide of torture victim, 22

Six detectives on trial after suicide of torture victim, 22
Ilnaz Pirkin Photo: Business Online

In addition to the torture allegations, six of the accused are checked for possible involvement in 14 other crimes.

The Investigative Committee filed a case about tortures at the Nizhnekamsk police department, which was instituted after the 22-year-old local resident Ilnaz Pirkin committed suicide, reports Mediazona. Six police officers are accused in the case: Gadel Rakhimov, Nail Mindubaev, Igor Filinov, Mikhail Logachev, Rinat Akhmetshin and Ilnar Garipov. None of them pleads guilty. Investigators are checking them for involvement in 14 other torture crimes.

Ilnaz Pirkin of Nizhnekamsk committed suicide on October 19, 2017. After a long interrogation at the police station, he got onto the roof of a ten-story building on Yuzhnaya Street and recorded a video telling how operatives had been torturing him into a confession to 47 thefts from cars. According to Pirkin, he was beaten, strangled and taken to the woods. After that, he left his phone on the roof and jumped off.

After the publication of Pirkin’s video, the ICR filed a case of abuse of power with the use of violence (item (a), part 33 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). Initially, there were no suspects in it, because the deceased did not give any names. A few days later, the Nizhnekamsk Court arrested three lieutenants of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Gadel Rakhimov, Nail Mingubaev and Igor Filinov. Soon, operative Mikhail Logachev and head of the group crime unit Rinat Akhmetshin were also arrested. According to the investigation, they had tried to shift the responsibility for Pirkin’s death to Nikolai Udiriakov and Vladimir Timofeev, city residents. They beat the men telling them to take the blame and when they refused, Akhmetshin said they should do what Pirkin did. Another person accused in the case is Ilnar Garipov, a trainee detective who was involved in the beating of another resident forcing him to take the blame for beating a man in an apartment building hall.

Akhmetshin is charged with Exceeding Official Powers with the use of violence and the infliction of grave consequences (items (a), (b), (c), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). The decision of the ICR indicated that he demanded from intern GarIpov to check whether local resident Ildar Kamaleev could have been involved in a fight at the entrance of a residential building. The ‘check’ meant beating Kamaleev together with Logachev in order to force confession "in pursuance of Akhmetshin's oral instructions" out of him. After the beating, they began to choke Kamaleyev. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with contusions, bruises of the kidneys and brain.

Another count Akhmetshin is charged with relates directly to Pirkin: on the night of 14 October, local resident Nikolay Udiryakov addressed the police with a statement that someone had stolen a radio tape recorder from his VAZ-2114. Later, Udiryakov discovered the equipment on Avito website and decided to meet with the seller on his own. Vladimir Timofeev went to a meeting together with his friend where the seller immediately admitted that Ilnaz Pirkin had passed the tape recorder to him. The situation was settled peacefully: Pirkin was called to return the equipment, and he agreed. The meeting was scheduled near hotel Kama. Operatives arrived at it, who detained the young man and took him to the police station. The next day, Pirkin committed suicide, recording a video about torture before this.

After Pirkin’s suicide, police officers Mindubaev, Rakhimov and Filinov were detained. Akhmetshin, in order to divert suspicion from his subordinates, together with Logachev tried to force Udiryakov and Timofeev to take the blame for Pirkin’s suicide. Both were beaten and threatened with murder. Timofeev was also threatened with drugs planted. The ICR stressed that the actions of Akhmetshin "contributed to the discrediting of law enforcement agencies in the eyes of the public."

Investigating the case of torture, the ICR learned about other possible crimes of Akhmetshin and his subordinates. In particular, several local residents told that they had given them bribes in exchange for patronage or after extortion. Through such materials, investigators uncovered 14 counts under articles about abuse of authority, extortion and receiving a bribe. They were separated from other proceedings.

Currently, the defendants are getting acquainted with the case papers. According to the lawyer of the injured party, the trial will start in early 2019.



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