Sistema JSFC to buy hotels that belonged to Nikita Belykh

Sistema JSFC to buy hotels that belonged to Nikita Belykh
Hilton Garden Inn Kirov

The deal’s worth may reach $38 million.

Sistema JSFC with billionaire Vladimir Evtushenkov as chairman and one of the main shareholders is negotiating the acquisition of hotels managed by Otel Servis (formerly BS Hospitality Management). The deal’s worth may reach $38 million.

According to Vedomosti, the hotels are Hilton Garden Inn Perm, DoubleTree by Hilton Ekaterinburg City Center and Hilton Garden Inn Kirov. Previously, BS Hospitality Management belonged to Business Contact that managed the assets of Kirov ex-Governor Nikita Belykh.

Now, all three hotels may be affiliated with Norvik Banka, whose majority shareholder is businessman Grigory Guselnikov. At present, Alfa LLC, ISC LLC and Oteli Urala LLC own the hotels, according to Rosreestr. Their property is mortgaged in Norvik Banka PJSC. However, the bank informed that the companies only lent from them, and Guselnikov had never been the hotels’ owner. In this case, neither the businessman nor the bank can have independent sales negotiations about a mortgaged property, Norvik Banka added.

Sistema spokesperson declined to comment. However, according to the newspaper, the company was interested in the hotels, but the final decision on the deal has not yet been made.



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