Singer Orlova rescues dog strapped to car 

Singer Orlova rescues dog strapped to car
Photo: Video screenshot

The singer shot a video of a limping dog running after a car and called on the assistance of those not indifferent to stop the animal abuser.

Details of an incident on Moscow’s Kievskoye Highway have become known. This past weekend, a video of abuse of a limping Central Asian Shepherd was shot. StarHit reports that the video was posted on the web by a singer Olga Orlova. It was her who instigated the fact that the driver was blocked on the road, and the dog was taken away from him.

“That’s just f…ed up! Kievskoye Highway, 56th km! Who’s close? Who can come and help? Another instance of animal abuse and cruel treatment!!!” She wrote on her Instagram.

The video shows the limping dog running after the car. The dog is strapped to the car. At some point, the Central Asian Shepherd falls down, but the driver does not stop and continues driving. The dog drags itself along the asphalt.

The man opposed and then escaped the scene. Later, the man explained it was his friend’s dog and due to its leg it behaved aggressively and he couldn’t put it in the salon.

Now, the animal is given to vets and volunteers. The animal rights activists from Zoopravo reported that no injuries caused by the cruel transportation were found on the dog. “There was no blood. There’s issues related to age; may be to joints. Alabaihelp group took the dog. There was no need to take the dog to a hospital,” the statement says.

Besides that, Olga Orlova reported that she would supervise the treatment of the dog. The singer said the dog would receive full care and treatment.

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