Simferopol: Drunken ex-deputy hit woman by car in pedestrian zone 

Simferopol: Drunken ex-deputy hit woman by car in pedestrian zone
Yury Zhadov

The drunken Simferopol ex-deputy offered the woman he hit by car to 'solve the matter' bypassing the police.

Ex-Deputy of the Simferopol City Council Yury Zhadov drove drunk and hit a woman in a pedestrian zone. The accident took place on the evening of June 13 at the intersection of Pushkin and Karl Marx Street.

Eyewitnesses say that Zhadov was in a drunken state at the time of the accident. He drove out of the patio on his KIA and crashed into a tree and bench, on which a woman was sitting. As a result of the impact, the woman suffered a leg injury.

It is noteworthy that the driver could not back up right away, and when he got out of the car, accident witnesses saw he was not sober. Then Yury Zhadov gave a call to someone, and a woman appeared on the scene a few minutes later. She introduced herself as a medical worker and began providing first aid to the injured.

Zhadov also tried to persuade the injured woman to 'solve the issue' bypassing the police, but she refused. Later she was hospitalized.

Let us add that Yury Zhadov was a deputy of the city council of Simferopol until December 2015. He worked as deputy chairman of the Committee for Life Support and Security. Later, he voluntarily resigned his deputy powers and took up the post of the head of the transport department of the Yalta City Administration. He left this post about 6 months ago.

Video: Drunken driver ran over a woman on pedestrian zone.




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