Silver spooners cause car accident and burn to death

Silver spooners cause car accident and burn to death
Road accident Photo: Screenshot

The 22-year-old native of Dagestan, who was behind the wheel of Mercedes-Benz, was a habitual traffic offender.

Moscow faces a fatal road accident involving five cars. The perpetrator of the accident, 22-year-old Rahmatullah Hadzhiev, and his passenger departed. They burned to death in Mercedes-Benz AMG CLS 63 after it rammed Fiat at a speed of 200 kph.

In addition, a pedestrian, who was knocked down by majors before the collision, passed away. Two people from Fiat were hospitalized, one of them - in serious condition. Mercedes also scored the Hyundai Solaris, but no one was hurt.

As reported by 112 Telegram channel, Hadzhiev was the native of Dagestan and habitual traffic offender - he has dozens of unpaid fines for speeding. The price of the car, which he ran, is 6.5 million rubles, the channel specifies ($102.200).

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