Silver-spooner streetracer from Ruslan Shamsuarov’s company shot up girl’s Porsche

Silver-spooner streetracer from Ruslan Shamsuarov’s company shot up girl’s Porsche
Ruslan Shamsuarov and Nikita Ivanov

The police detained the young man a few days after the incident. A criminal case under Hooliganism has been initiated against him. According to some sources, 23-year-old Nikita Ivanov, who fired at the girl, is the son of a crime lord.

The 23-year-old streetracer and a friend of Lukoil Vice-President's son Nikita Ivanov was detained by law enforcers in Novaya Moskva for shooting up Porsche driven by a girl, Life reports.

According to Mash community, the road conflict between the girl on Porsche and the 23-year-old Ivanov driving a Mercedes-Benz occurred back on May 22. The girl was not injured, however, her car was badly damaged. After firing at the car with a handgun, the hooligan drove off in a car. The police confirmed the incident, which took place on the night of May 22 on the 35th kilometer of the Kievskoe highway, to Moslenta. However, information on the detention of the person responsible for the conflict has not yet been officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, officers of the criminal investigation department and the FSB were involved in Nikita Ivanov’s detention. According to Mash, this is due to the fact that his father is one of the former members of Solntsevskie OCG.

The community later reported that interceders speaking up for the crime lord’s son appeared in the Novaya Moskva internal affairs administration. According to some information, they first offered a million, and then 3 million rubles to the police for his release.

Let us recall that Ivanov is far from being the first member of the company infamous for ‘Gelandewagen races’ organized by the son of Lukoil Vice-President Ruslan Shamsuarov, who has problems with the law. Earlier, streetracer Mara Bagdasaryan had been prosecuted for numerous unpaid fines, Vartan Sarkisov had hit a passerby by his mother’s Porsche and is awaiting trial, and the grandson of the former Khabarovsk region governor Igor Ishaev had arranged a major accident on the Moscow Ring Road, which resulted in the fracture of Murad Balakerimov’s both legs (another silver-spooner from the same ‘gang’).



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