Siloviki detained 'grey Mayor' of Miass, leader of Turbazovskie OCG

Siloviki detained 'grey Mayor' of Miass, leader of Turbazovskie OCG
Vladimir Murashkin

An 'authoritative' businessman, who is an unofficial adviser to the Head of the city, was detained on suspicion of illegal allocation of land.

The siloviki raided the Administration of Chelyabinsk Miass again. After the searches and seizure of documents, law enforcement officers detained an unofficial adviser to the Mayor of the city, 'authoritative' businessman Vladimir Murashkin, who is also called the leader of the Turbazovskie OCG. The businessman was brought for interrogation.

As for the Mayor himself, the phone of Gennady Vaskov does not answer. According to available information, the official left the building of the Mayor's Office and fled in an unknown direction.

Sources of believe that Murashkin was detained in connection with the case of illegal allocation of municipal land for the construction. The interlocutors of the information portal indicate that it was the ‘authoritative’ businessman who organized the allocation of land to a number of local entrepreneurs.

The agency URA.RU reports other data on the causes of searches and detention of Murashkin. According to the media, this is a story related to the cutting of asphalt on city streets for road works in May last year. The municipal unitary enterprise Municipal Management paid off works for cutting the roadway from the circulating assets of the private company Ural-Mair LLC. The contract was held without bidding at an overestimate. Residents of the city filmed Murashkin's car during night work - the businessman controlled the cutting. The remains of the asphalt had to be sold, but from this material they paved the way to the dacha of the OCG leader.

Vladimir Murashkin speaks on behalf of the Mayor's Office in solving many issues. Those who refused to yield to the administration in business disputes received threats and committed attacks. So, the cottage windows of a lawyer, deputy Sergey Gavryushkin, were broken. A bottle of incendiary mixture was thrown into the office of another deputy. Several deputies received funeral wreaths. All these incidents were connected with Murashkin.

To recall, the participation of the unofficial adviser to the Mayor turned out to be so large that at the end of 2016 local deputies even refused to accept the report of the Head of the city, demanding first to clear the Mayor's Office from the influence of the Turbazovskie OCG leader.⁠



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