Siloviki detained gang of robbers-losers

Siloviki detained gang of robbers-losers
The group included six natives of Ingushetia, one from Armenia and one ethnic Georgian

The robbers are charged with three episodes with an attempt to rob money from the customer of the exchange office and two owners of prestigious cars.⁠

Officers of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department detained a gang of men of Caucasian origin suspected of attacking people for the purpose of stealing money. It is interesting that all robbers’ attempt were not successful.

As reported by Rosbalt, the Gagarinsky Court of Moscow arrested eight Caucasians who, according to the investigation, committed armed attacks on people in the capital. They were charged with attempted robbery. The group included six natives of Ingushetia, one from Armenia and one ethnic Georgian.

The materials of the criminal case contain three episodes of criminal activity of suspects, however, none of the raiders earned a ruble.

So, the siloviki detained the Caucasians, when they pursued the client of the exchange office, who planned to exchange $20 thousand. When detaining the soldiers of Rosgvardia had to smash windows of SUVs, on which the bandits pursued the man. Raiders planned to attack the victim near the exchange office on Leninsky Avenue. Operatives, having talked with the potential victim, found out that he spent two days on various exchange offices in search of the most profitable course. Thus, he smoked out a large sum of money and raiders put him on the hook.

In addition to this case, the Caucasians are charged with two more episodes. The investigation believes that in May 2016, the bandits with the help of one of their cars artificially created a traffic jam on the road into which the Range Rover got stuck. Taking advantage, the robbers attacked its driver. They smashed the Range Rover's windows, but for some reason they could not grab the bag with the money that was in the car's interior. Another time, according to investigators, the robbers attacked Porsche. They broke all the glass with drills, but they could not get the money either. It is possible that the purpose of the criminals was a banal intimidation in someone's interests.

Note that among the detainees there are two brothers, Irbek and Sultan Kamberdiev. The latter, according to sources in law enforcement agencies, had previously received 17 bullet wounds. The circumstances, under which Kamberdiev was fatally wounded, but survived, are not specified. It is known that in 2011 Sultan was convicted of selling homemade weapons. The court sentenced him to two years and six months in prison, but he left for freedom, having served less than half the time.



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