Siloviki beat Kemerovo businessman for refusal to testify

Siloviki beat Kemerovo businessman for refusal to testify

The police forced the businessman to testify, the victim asserted.

34-year-old businessman Yevgeny Khlopotov from Kemerovo told how three siloviki took him to the forest and beat after he refused to bear testimony. reports.

Khlopotov claims that the law enforcers approached him on July 24, detained and took him to Novosibirsk. On the way, he refused to talk with the siloviki and did not pass his locked mobile phone.

Then the operative, according to the businessman, advised him to wait "for another" conversation. Khlopotov said that the car turned into a forest, and one of the policemen, introducing himself as Alexander Bader, wound up towels on his hands and began to beat him. At the same time, the businessman was handcuffed, and he had a bag on his head.

"Bader began to beat me, used a stifling device and said that he would rape me," said Khlopotov.

After that, he was taken to the detention center, where he was held for two days.

The investigator issued a resolution on detention under part 1 of Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code (Transfer of Money to bank accounts of one or several non-residents containing inaccurate information). The case, according to Khlopotov, was initiated as the company allegedly related to it transferred the money in 2016 and did not provide documents. The businessman denied his involvement in the incident, arguing that the siloviki became more active, as the investigation term expires in August.

The lawyer of the businessman has already submitted a statement to the ICR on the illegal use of force against his client.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Novosibirsk region confirmed that a case was initiated against Khlopotov. At the same time, the department added that the police officers did not detain him. The namesake of Alexander Bader is mentioned in the income declaration of Novosibirsk customs officers for 2012.



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