Siberian policeman breaks his leg while beating a detainee

Siberian policeman breaks his leg while beating a detainee
Yury Yamashkin

A drunk driver, who had tried to hide from car inspectors, was hospitalized.

In the Irkutsk region, a traffic police officer broke his leg while beating a resident of the village of Kuytun, Yury Yamashkin, Sibir.Realii reports. According to Yamashkin, car inspectors forbade him to register the beatings and ordered him to say that he had been injured “in his own car.”

During the night of November 13 and 14, Yamashkin was drunk driving without a license and ignored traffic police’s demands to stop. When catching up with him, one of the car inspectors pulled the driver out of the car and hit him on the head with a pistol; after that, law enforcers began to kick the detainee on the head and body. At the same time, one of the inspectors cried out in pain. At the trial, his leg was in a cast.

“His head was beaten in; he was given stitches at the Kuitun hospital. He had numerous hematomas, and his whole face was bruised and scratched,” Yamashkin’s sister Lidiya Chernikova described his state of health.

Relatives of the victim intend to file a complaint with the prosecutor. The Investigative Committee promised to verify the information.



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