Shuvalov's son served in secret military unit, similar to SEAL

Shuvalov's son served in secret military unit, similar to SEAL
Igor Shuvalov

The son of First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Igor Shuvalov, Yevgeny served in an elite military unit on the island of Russky, Forbes reported.

Upon graduating from college in Berkshire, the young man was planning to enter Oxford, but after the scandals involving elite youth, his father advised him to first serve in the army. Since 2008, Igor Shuvalov oversaw the construction of the APEC summit objects in Vladivostok and visited the Russky Island, where a few elite military units were located, including special marine forces Holuay (the historic name of the bay in the southern part of the island, which is now called Novy Djigit). The unit has similar tasks with those of the US Navy Forces Special Operations (SEAL).

Since the fall of 2011 to the fall of 2012, Yevgeny Shuvalov served in the regiment, which was then called then 42th Special Reconnaissance Unit of the Pacific Fleet, its new name being held secret since 2013. Its fighters were called ‘holuevtsy.’ The unit is located in the operational management of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy, but is subject to the Fifth Management of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces (GRU operational intelligence). The unit consists of 100 people, of whom about 50 are fighters. They undergo extensive training, including diving, airborne, mountain, engineering (mining), and melee combat.

"Officially, this military unit does not exist," Forbes reported, citing an employee of the Defense Ministry’s department of information support in the Primorsky region. Therefore, the officers have to use the legend, where necessary, to represent rescue divers from the rescue squad, for instance. At the same time, this soldier can bear signs, which are uncharacteristic of the usual divers, for example, an ‘Expert Trooper’ icon — elite divers scouts are jumping with a parachute in the same volume as the airborne force.

At the military parades, the officers from the secret unit use the Marine Corps uniform, and perform training tasks in unmarked uniform.

Shuvalov's son is not the only notable person who served in the unit. Another example would be Ilya Galchev, the son of billionaire Filaret Galchev, the owner of Eurocement holding, the newspaper noted. Both are specialized as ‘frogmen.’

There are only four nautical reconnaissance points in Russia — the Black Sea, the Baltic, the Northern, and the Pacific.



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