Shootout case involving ex-judge Yasiev: new details

Shootout case involving ex-judge Yasiev: new details
Ex-judge Yasiev accuses Sultan Ibragimov (to the left) and Ruslan Mirzayev of the attack

According to the former Dagestan judge, a conflict in the Republic’s judicial community provoked the incident.

The former Judge Yunus Yasiev provided his version of the events that allegedly caused the shootout in the village of Bammatyurt, wrote Kommersant. Sapiyat Magomedova, who will represent Yasiev in court, said there were three armed men who came into the house of the former judge’s parents but then left not finding him there and promised to come back later. Having learned about it Yasiev took a rifle he had legally acquired and hurried to his parents.

After a while, the men came back to be met by the former judge with a gun. Yasiev claimed two of the visitors (who worked with the police) were close to a Chechen top official, another one was a friend of Sultan Ibragimov, the Chairman of the Khasavyurt District Court.

According to the intruders, they had intended to take back a debt the judge’s brother owed. In case he refused to repay the loan, the men threatened to kidnap Yasiev’s brother, and then Yasiev himself. The former judge said he would not let this happen, then one of the intruders shot him. Yasiev’s mother saved her son pulling him away. Then he opened fire and injured the attackers. Two of them turned for medical aid with one ending up in intensive care with a critical condition. The third attacker was only slightly injured tangentially. Immediately after the incident Yasiev came to the police personally and said he used a weapon against aggressive intruders.

According to Sapiyat Magomedova, the debt was only a pretext of provocation, the real reason lying in the conflict within the republic’s judicial community. Earlier Yasiev was denied reappointment as a magistrate. He was discontented with the decision, saying that it had a "corruption component" in it, and complained to the High Qualification Board of Russian judges. In the complaint, he named two parties interested in the denial: the Supreme Court Chairman Ruslan Mirzaev and Sultan Ibragimov. After that, unknown persons would come to Yasiev trying to persuade or threaten the former judge. After the shootout at his parents' house Yasiev turned to the Dagestan’s Minister of Internal Affairs for protection.

The case against the former judge has not been initiated yet as he belongs to the “category of persons with respect to whom special proceedings on criminal cases is applied”, according to the Code of Criminal Procedure.



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