Shooting of Nissan X-trail driver: Vengeance of criminals from 90’s

Shooting of Nissan X-trail driver: Vengeance of criminals from 90’s
Law enforcement authorities are currently looking for the shooters

According to sources, the victim Andrey P. has suffered at the hands of members of an OCG, of which he was a member in the turbulent time.

Car chase with automatic weapon fire in Nizhnevartovsk appears to be an echo of the ‘dashing 90’s’. According to the local channel Megapolis TV, the driver of Nissan X-trail Andrey P. was attacked by fellow criminals of the organized crime group, a member of which he was in the 1990’s. However, the media sources do not specify the motives of the attempted murder. According to the interlocutors of the online publication NV86, 43-year-old Andrey P., who sustained a gunshot wound, had previously been in trouble with the law. The victim’s neighbors told that the man was almost always accompanied by bodyguards.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the armed showdown took place at about 9:50 on Omskaya Street. Outside the Lyceum No. 2, unknown persons purportedly driving VAZ-2109 caught up to the Nissan X-trail and opened fire on the car. As a result of the shooting, the foreign-made car's 43-year-old driver Andrey P. was injured. After receiving a gunshot wound in the chest, the man lost control of the vehicle, resulting in Nissan X-trail colliding with parked cars, crashing into a fence, and overturning. Passers-by helped the victim get out of the SUV. An ambulance, which arrived at the scene, hospitalized Andrey P. Apart from the gunshot wound, he was diagnosed with a head injury and a bruised lung in the medical facility.

The attackers managed to flee the scene. The VAZ-2109, by means of which the gunmen fled, was found burning a few kilometers from Omskaya Street several hours later. Law enforcers found an automatic rifle with a silencer, presumably used by the criminals, in the trunk of the car.

Video: Car burning. Nizhnevartovsk, February 28, 2017. Armed showdown.

Police officers note that gunmen made at least 24 shots – that is how much cartridge cases there were found at the scene. Law enforcement bodies are currently looking for the shooters.

Following the incident, the ICR Investigative Committee in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District initiated a criminal case for Attempted Murder (part 3 of Art. 30, part 2 of Art.105 of the Russian Criminal Code).

Meanwhile, as luck would get it, there are no casualties and victims among passers-by. However, several bullets shattered a number of neighboring buildings. Thus, one of the bullets hit the window of a residential apartment in the house on Omskaya Street, one hit the third-floor window of the Lyceum, whereas another ended up in the Kardeya social center.

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