Shooting at Dagestani wedding of Rasul Mirzaev's friend  

Shooting at Dagestani wedding of Rasul Mirzaev's friend
Azamat Shamsuev and Rasul Mirzaev Photo: REN TV

A guest fired a submachine gun into the air.

Gunshots rang out at a Dagestan wedding of Azamat Shamsuev, a friend of the fighter Rasul Mirzaev, who had been involved in the 2011 fight where student Ivan Agafonov was killed. A guest fired into the air, REN TV reported.

The TV channel published footage from the wedding that shows the guests riding elite cars on the wrong side of the road, exceeding the speed limit and ignoring the red lights. One of the guests got onto the car roof and fired a machine gun. You can hear a woman screaming: "Boys, take it away!" It was the bride's mother, according to REN TV.

A few years ago, Azamat Shamsuev had reportedly been the one detained for a wedding shooting. Three passers-by got injuries from a traumatic pistol that day.

Shamsuev posts photos on Instagram showing off his elite cars and other attributes of luxury life, while everyone wonders what the source of his income could be. The TV channel reports that law enforcement agencies got interested in the shooting incident at Shamsuev's wedding.


Azamat Shamsuev

MMA fighter Rasul Mirzaev got publicity after the incident when a student named Ivan Agafonov was murdered in 2011. Mirzaev hit Agafonov during a dispute at a Moscow nightclub, which made him fall, hit his head and subsequently fall into a coma, from which he never recovered. He died in a hospital from a hemorrhage to the brain. The fighter was found guilty of causing death by negligence in November 2012 and was released in the courtroom.

On the night of January 1, 2017, Mirzaev was attacked by three men who had broken into his Moscow apartment, beat him to a pulp and shot a traumatic pistol at him several times. The fighter survived.

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