Sheremetyevo victim dustup on Madrid - Moscow flight: details

Sheremetyevo victim dustup on Madrid - Moscow flight: details
Albert Yepremyan

He beat two passengers on the plane.

25-year-old Albert Yepremyan, shot down to death by a Boeing-737 on a runway at Sheremetyevo airport, flew to the capital from Madrid. At his last flight in the sky, he made a row. The Head of the Russian National Ballet troupe, Sergey Radchenko, sat next to him in the cabin.

 “I was alerted by his glassy eyes. As for the rest, he was no different from other people. Only later it became clear that he was a deranged person,” Sergey Radchenko said to MK.

In the middle of the trip, Yepremyan suddenly got up from his seat, went to the tail end of the plane and several times struck the face of a sitting person, who was not even familiar to him. After that, he came up and punched Sergey Radchenko in the jaw.

 “I ask him: what is next? He replied to me, saying that I would learn the rest upon arrival in Moscow,” the publication’s interlocutor said.

At the airport, Radchenko gave explanations to law enforcement officers, signed papers and drove home. The troublemaker himself apparently was not detained.

As it turned out, Armenian-born Yepremyan was deported from Spain and it was planned that he would fly from Moscow to Yerevan. However, at Sheremetyevo, instead of boarding on the plane, he ran out to the runway, where he died.

After the incident, a criminal case was initiated under part 3 of Art. 263.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - Failure to Satisfy the Requirements for Ensuring Transport Safety at the Transport Facilities and Transport Vehicles.



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