“She loved him”: parents of murdered postgraduate student did not approve of her choice 

“She loved him”: parents of murdered postgraduate student did not approve of her choice
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The girl did not hide her relationship with associate professor Sokolov from her family.

The father of 24-year-old graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko, who was killed by historian Oleg Sokolov, said that his daughter did not hide her relationship with an assistant professor, who was much older than her.

“She spoke very well about him. I thought that if she was happy, then I was happy too. We told her that those relations had no future. But she loved him,” Oleg Yeshchenko said. 

According to relatives, as of recent, Anastasia called them less often, and their conversations were shorter. Father and mother decided to visit their daughter and bought tickets to St. Petersburg on November 13.

However, they never saw each other. On November 7, Anastasia was killed with several shots, and then her body was dismembered. Ex-lecturer of St. Petersburg State University, who was in love with the girl, was suspected of her murder.

The historian was pulled out from the Moika River in St. Petersburg; cut off female hands were found in his backpack. Later, the body of the murdered Anastasia was found in his apartment. 

The suspect was very drunk at the time of detention. During an interrogation, Sokolov pleaded guilty to the murder. His defense insists that he was in a state of passion at the time of the crime.

Parents of the historian said that the graduate student, with whom he lived, did not like his children from his previous marriage, which led to serious scandals.

Anastasia was buried in the village of Starovelichkovskaya, Krasnodar region, on Saturday, November 16. Her mother was then taken to the intensive care unit, as the woman became ill.

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to employees of the Investigative Committee, employees of the Department of Internal Affairs, and residents of St. Petersburg. Thank you all very much; we wouldn’t have got through this without them,” the father of the deceased girl said.



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