Shamsuarov’s chauffeur blames policemen for aggressive behavior

Shamsuarov’s chauffeur blames policemen for aggressive behavior

A traffic police officer threw his baton at the car, the accused said. After that, the young men got scared and attempted to escape.

One of the Gelandewagen racers, accused of threatening an officer, blamed the authorities for aggressive behavior. The car belonged to the son of the Lukoil Vice-President.

According to Abduvahob Majidov, 22, who was behind the wheel of the SUV, the chase began after one of the police officers threw his baton at their car. Madjidov stated this at the court hearing in the Moscow’s Gagarinsky Court where the defense's arguments are being studied.

The accused said they were frightened and tried to get away from the police.

"We were driving pretty calmly when the officer threw a baton at us. If he could throw a baton, he could as well do other things. So, we just wanted to get away," explained Madjidov.

According to Majidov’s testimony, the young men were not going to violate traffic rules or insult the police, it all happened spontaneously.

In May, the elite youth represented by Ruslan Shamsuarov, Abduvahob Madjidov and Viktor Uskov, driving a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, were involved in a pursuit trying to break away from a few police cars.

The investigation charged the men with several U-turns on a solid double line and traffic violations threatening the law enforcement officers (Art. 318 of the Criminal Code), while insults against the policemen during the chase that were video broadcast on Periscope, were regarded as Insult of a Representative of Power under Art. 319 of the Criminal Code. 



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